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  • Cooper Sheldon: Helping Teachers Get the Expertise they Need With an interest in archaeology, Cooper Sheldon is not the first person who comes to mind when you think of promoting STEM education. However, his experience exemplifies how the advances made in scientific research can lead to practical improvements outside of the laboratory setting.
  • Share Your Stories With Us! As the New York Academy of Sciences embarks on its Bicentennial Year in 2017, we invite the Global STEM Alliance community to share your memories of creativity, transformation and collaboration with us.
  • Alicia Socuy: JA Mentor ExtraordinaireDec. 14, 2016 We recently caught up with Junior Academy mentor Alicia Soucy who is currently pursuing her PhD at Albany Medical School with a focus on Immunology and Microbial Disease. Alicia has been a part of the Junior Academy for the last two challenge cycles. We spoke to Alicia about her mentoring experience with JA as well as her interest in science.
  • Kirthi Shanmugam: Helping to Inspire the Next Generation of STEMDec. 14, 2016 Kirthi Shanmugam has had a love for science her entire life. From watching plants grow in her parents’ garden in Southeast Pennsylvania as a child to eventually pursuing a STEM major in college, Shanmugam always knew she would be involved in a scientific field. Kirthi graduated from Tulane University in the May of 2016, where she was a double major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Classics. During Kirthi’s time at Tulane, she developed a strong interest in ecological conservation. As an undergrad, she worked in Dr. Richards-Zawacki’s amphibian lab and the Tulane Herbarium. Kirthi also worked as a volunteer group leader for GIST (Girls in STEM at Tulane) where she worked with elementary and middle school girls to give them hands on experience with various scientific projects.
  • Is your kid in 5th-8th grade? If so, have them come to our Science Winter CampDec. 7, 2016 The Academy will be hosting a Winter Recess STEM Camp for 5th-8th graders 2/21-2/24 from 9 am-5 pm each day.
  • Watch live on 12/8: Fostering a Scientific MindsetDec. 7, 2016 The Academy will be hosting an exciting live stream event on 12/8/16 from 9am-12pm entitled Fostering a Scientific Mindset: 2015 OECD PISA Results for Scientific Literacy.
  • PepsiCo and the New York Academy of Sciences Announce Hidden Figures Scholarship ContestNov. 17, 2016 The Academy is proud to celebrate women in STEM by participating in PepsiCo’s and 21st Century Fox’s “The Search for Hidden Figures” – A Contest to Discover Emerging Female Visionaries in STEM!
  • Alex Orak: A Future STEM LeaderNov. 16, 2016 Alex Orak has had a lifetime love affair with science. Orak recounted, “One of the earliest and fondest memories of my childhood was the excitement that I experienced building various structures from toy bricks.” When Orak’s family emigrated to the US from Ukraine in 2006 when he was 14, Orak faced the difficulty of not only moving to a new country and trying to fit in with his peer group, but also learning English. As they began to settle in Brooklyn, Orak quickly came into his own within math and sciences classes where he said “the language of equations and formulas was universal.”