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  • Imagining Tomorrow: H2OJuly 16, 2015 With Rapid urbanization and climate change, water is increasingly becoming a scare resource in many communities across the United States, while in other areas, engineers and scientist are working to develop systems to manage an overabundance of precipitation. To address this challenge and engage students in the solution, the Global STEM Alliance of the New York Academy of Sciences is teaming up with Sister Cities International (SCI) and Sqore to challenge middle and high school students from around the world to take the lead in solving water issues in their communities.
  • GSA Welcomes Morgan State UniversityJune 12, 2015 The New York Academy of Sciences and the Morgan State University today signed a partnership agreement to develop the next generation of STEM innovators through the Global STEM Alliance.
  • GSA Announces New Partnership with iCarnegie Global Learning to Improve Access to STEM Education WorldwideApril 7, 2015 iCarnegie Global Learning LLC, a leading provider of global STEM education, joins the Global STEM Alliance and its 70+ partners to provide students with the critical skills necessary for 21st century careers via STEM programs and teaching excellence pedagogy.
  • Global STEM Alliance Receives Grant to Launch ‘Junior Academy’March 30, 2015 In recognition of the many barriers facing high-performing, low-income students interested science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has awarded the Global STEM Alliance $500,000 to launch a new education program aimed at gifted students.
  • GSA Joins STEM Leaders in BarcelonaMarch 3, 2015 Today, the Global STEM Alliance (GSA) of the New York Academy of Sciences signaled their commitment to the next generation of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) innovators at an event in Barcelona with the City of Barcelona, ARM and Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (SONY CSL).
  • Global Math Challenge to Launch March 22Feb. 25, 2015 The Global STEM Alliance is pleased to endorse the Global Math Challenge (GMC), run by partner organization Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. Now, for the first time, the GMC will be available to people in the United States.
  • New York Academy of Sciences Launches New Report On the “Global STEM Paradox”Jan. 26, 2015 Report answers question: if we’re graduating record numbers of STEM students, why are STEM jobs still unfilled?
  • 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures receives $50,000 from the AOL FoundationDec. 15, 2014 Global STEM Alliance is among the first grantees of AOL's new Charitable Foundation which focuses on creating opportunities for women, girls and underserved youth, particularly in the technology sector