Global STEM Alliance Students Meet Bill and Melinda Gates!

Feb. 26, 2016


On February 23rd, more than 50 extraordinary students from around the world--Members of the Academy's Global STEM Alliance--participated in a YouTube event with Bill and Melinda Gates, hosted by best-selling author and YouTube personality John Green. The event served as the kick off to the Gates' 2016 Annual Letter campaign.


The next day, several students were also invited to take part in a segment on Good Morning America, in which they asked Bill and Melinda questions about the Annual Letter topics: sustainable energy and time poverty.

 The students who participated in this amazing experience hail from 10 countries, practice many religions, and embody a range of socio-economic backgrounds; but all share a common passion for and commitment to "STEM" --science, technology, engineering, and math--which they hone through participation in the Academy's programs, The Junior Academy, 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures, and Scientist-in-Residence.

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