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What kind of programming will be offered at the Summit?
Please see the agenda for program details.

What are the goals of the Summit?
The annual GSA Summit is designed to foster network creation and future collaboration by bringing mentees, mentors, and other GSA stakeholders together and providing them with access to world class facilities and scientists, networking opportunities, insight into career path options, leadership training, presentations, and panel discussions.

What will students get out of this event?
At the conference, students will:

  • Develop skills related to cross-cultural communication;
  • Network amongst peers, mentors, and professionals;
  • Gain exposure to career paths, STEM professionals, and STEM culture in New York;
  • Work collaboratively to promote team building;
  • Showcase their progress and accomplishments in their respective programs.

Will there be supervision?
New York Academy of Sciences’ staff will be present for the duration of the Summit. A NYAS staff member will also accompany students on the field trips.  Supervision will not be provided outside of Summit programming.

What is the dress code for this event?
The dress code for this event is business casual.

Do I have to pay to attend the summit?
This is a free event. All attendees will be expected to cover their own travel and accommodations costs unless they are a Junior Academy Challenge winner. A guide to personal fundraising can be found here.

When will the Junior Academy Challenge winners be announced?
Please check the Junior Academy website.

What if I am a Junior Academy Challenge winner and I already purchased my travel?
Junior Academy winners will be reimbursed for up to $2,000 USD for travel expenses incurred for the student and chaperone’s economy class flights.  Junior Academy finalists will have their room and board paid for by The New York Academy of Sciences.

Are there travel scholarships available?
The GSA team is still working to secure additional travel scholarships. Please reach out to your program manager for more information. A guide to personal fundraising can be found here.

Should I travel with a parent/guardian?
Students staying in the hotel are required to have a chaperone with them. 

Can my chaperone attend the Summit?
Chaperones will be invited to attend the Summit for certain events.  More details will be provided as the agenda is finalized.

Will transportation be provided?

There will be travel provided from the hotel to the Academy headquarters each morning. Transportation will also be provided to the field trips, and all groups will depart together from The New York Academy Sciences headquarters. Students with alternative accommodations or traveling from home will be responsible for their own transportation to the New York Academy of Sciences headquarters.

How long should I expect to stay in New York City?
For all other attendees, programming begins on July 19th, 2017 and runs through July 21st, 2017.  Program details can be found in the agenda.

Who else will be at this event?
All high school and college students in the GSA programs are invited to this event.  Mentors from all programs as well as some GSA partners and funders will also be in attendance.

How much spending money will I need?
All activities and meals during Summit programming are included.  Students should have spending money for any meals and activities they wish to partake in outside of the Academy or after the end of summit programming.


For any questions not answered on this page, please contact your program manager.