Imagining Tomorrow

Young minds design the future

The Global STEM Alliance’s Imagining Tomorrow challenges are designed to give students the opportunity to interact with STEM professionals while creating innovative solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. Industry, government, and academia are all looking for the next generation of problem solvers to tackle issues such as energy shortages, chronic diseases, malnutrition, urbanization, and disaster preparedness. Innovation challenges will give participants the opportunity to think outside the box about issues that affect their communities. Imagining Tomorrow challenges connect students from around the world to STEM mentors with various areas of expertise, opening up problem solving to new players and creating conditions for solutions to be put forth from unusual places.

Leveraging the challenge design expertise of the New York Academy of Sciences’ Scientists Without Borders program, the GSA team has designed a virtual challenge space where participants will have the opportunity to network with New York Academy of Sciences-affiliated scientists as they develop solutions to specific challenge criteria over a 60-day challenge period. Scientists and practitioners will serve as mentors and will be available to support students as they research, investigate options, and design their solutions. Mentors will also inspire students by sharing information about their own research. Through this interaction with professionals working in the field, students will gain access to opportunities to build the skills and confidence needed to become the next generation of leaders, problem solvers, and innovators.

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